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Live Frozen Shrimp

Our policy is to produce safety, preserve flavor and high-quality foods. Over 25 years of experience in this business, we offer premium quality of shrimp to the world with an innovative process that can retain its color, texture, and flavor. We always stay focus to select the best partners and ensure that all of them follow Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). To secure the fresh-caught taste, we monitor and qualify our suppliers carefully which can enhance by implementing a traceability system to ensure sourcing quality from growing shrimp farming until the end of the process like harvesting. We also prioritize the location factor as the distance of shrimp farms will impact the freshness of live shrimps.

Raw Vannamei head on shell on (RHOSO)
Cooked Vannamei head on shell on (CHOSO)
Raw vannamei Peeled Devined Tail on/off
Cooked vannamei Peeled Devined Tail on/off
Raw vannamei headless
Cooked Vannamei headless


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