Name Piti Foods Co.,Ltd
Business Type Manufacturer of frozen shrimps, ready to eat meal and cold storage service
Address 33/3 Moo.5 Watkhanoon Singhanakorn Songkhla 90330 Thailand
Tel +66 74 536213 FAX : +66 74 536294
Website www.pitifoods.com Email : info@pitifoods.com, mailpitifoods@gmail.com
Founded 27 October 2011
Registered capital 499 Million THB (Approximate USD 15.3 Million)
Certifications HACCP GMP
Area Total Area 88,000 sqm.
Production Area 16,900 sqm.
Cold storage area 9,000 sqm.

At Piti Foods, we’ve been inspired by passion and dedication to deliver the freshness from the sea to the table. The company had established since 2011. With extensive experience we’re an expert in seafood and one of the leading food manufacturer and exporter in Thailand. Our factory is based in Singhanakorn, Songkhla. Our core products are frozen shrimps and ready-to-eat frozen meals. We also provide cold storage business to streamline the business operations and fulfill customer service and satisfaction.

Apart from freshness commitment, we’ve been successfully creating exceptional quality as we have the affiliate companies to maximize our capabilities and resources. Piti Foods is an affiliate company of Piti Seafood Co.,Ltd. frozen shrimp producer and Cold storage provider in Chana District, Songkhla and Piti Foods Wang Noi Co., Ltd., cold storage provider in Wang Noi, Ayutthaya.

Our history

The frozen shrimp production line was moved from Piti Seafoods to Piti Foods. We source high-quality shrimps from the local farms which ensure quality and safety. We have created jobs and worked with experienced local labors in Songkhla deep seaport area. The prime location and our local partners become our advantages to enhance seafood freshness and best tasting. Our full production capacity is 200 tons per day.

We offer the best in class ready-to-eat frozen Asian cuisine meals with the capacity to produce 20 tons per day (100,000 packs). Our ready-to-eat frozen meals are produced and followed Halal standard and compliance. We focus on using traditional Thai ingredients from local suppliers as we’d like to add a touch of Thai flavor in every serve. We offer a variety of delicious and authentic ready-to-eat meals menu including cooked rice (Hom mali steam rice), fried rice, Pad Thai (Thai Style Fried Noodles), Green curry, etc.

Cold storage service is one of our business that can compliment end to end supply chain of our business growth. We aim to create the freshest and purest food to maintain the highest quality. The temperature is set at -23c to -25c with an approximate storage capacity of 15,000 tons.

Our Affiliated companies

Piti SEAfoods Co., Ltd.
Piti Seafoods Co., Ltd. has been operated since 1992 and located at Chana district, Songkhla. The company started to operate the business as a frozen shrimp manufacturer and exporter. Recently, this business was transferred to Piti Foods. Currently, the company provides and operates a cold storage service business.
  • Freezing service at temperature -35c to -38c with a capacity of 170 tons per 8 hours.
  • Cold storage service at temperature -23c to -25c with a capacity of 35,000 tons.
  • Transportation Service
Piti Foods Wang Noi Co.,Ltd.
Piti Foods Wang Noi Co.,Ltd. is located at Wang Noi, Ayutthaya. This affiliate has been provided cold storage service since 2004.
  • Cold storage service at temperature -23c to -25c with a capacity of 20,000 tons. We’re implementing the new project which supports the extra capacity of 10,000 tons by mobile pallet racking system.
  • Transportation Service


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